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All the four-letter words I could find on the Casimir Lewy Library webpages

Vinyl on wall

Casimir Lewy Library, Faculty of Philosophy, Cambridge University


Produced for Art:Language:Location, 2014

The library webpages are the linguistic infrastructure of the library - its interface with the user via quotidian information. It contains easily accessible, everyday language that facilitates an engagement with the library collection.


The entrance staircase also provides access, so can be seen as an architectural equivalent to the webpages. The work’s source and site are simultaneously peripheral and essential.


Using only four-letter words in an uppercase, sans-serif font, visual form is emphasised and subjectivity is repressed. They are set free from sentences and a duty to inform and are re-contextualised as a group of free agents in search of work.


The words are brick-like in proportion and are assembled in a brick-wall grid formation, referencing architecture and construction.



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